Benefits For Business

Wouldn’t you want the best for your business?  CTECH is Calgary’s top IT services and support organization offering a fully outsourced solution for our clients, removing the day-to-day worry of IT systems from their worry list.
Why Use CTECH?
Reduce Downtime & Risk

Is your business troubled by constant downtime resulting in missed opportunities or leaving your customers wondering if they have selected the right company to do business with? CTECH will ensure your computer systems and IT networks remain operational resulting in an overall increase of company productivity, improved employee morale and higher customer satisfaction.

Increased Efficiency

CTECH provides Calgary business with best-of-breed technologies to keep your business running and out of “firefighting mode”. Running your business is what you do best, trust Cohn Consulting to do what we do best and let you make your business more profitable.

Lower Costs Related To I.T.

You can better control and manage your overall operating costs, which is of utmost importance for many business owners. CTECH will keep your systems running and performing at maximum efficiency, which ultimately affects the bottom line.

Build Strong and Healthy Business Relationship

When a client brings in CTECH as their qualified managed services provider, another surprise benefit comes in the form of our knowledge of each client’s business and what makes each of them unique in the market. While many managed services providers continuously focus on the technology and will recommend to your business solutions that are technically at par with many we offer, CTECH works hard to dive deeper. We put the extra effort into understanding how your business and your organization can maximize efficiency, productivity, profitability and credibility amongst your clients, customers, vendors and peers.

Additional Benefits Of Having Cohn As Your Trusted IT Advisor

  • CTECH has been in business providing IT support and services for almost 20 years. We have been providing managed services for the past 7 years.
  • We have better processes for managing IT. We have been acknowledged by our vendors and other manage services providers for the strength of our technical knowledge, our use of technology, and our automation of processes. We have received recognition from both our Professional Services Automation (PSA) vendor ConnectWise and our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) vendor Labtech.
  • We have been using both our PSA and RMM products since inception and have developed highly integrated solutions between them to provide for major efficiencies for managing our clients and automating processes.
  • Our technology is based in a top-tier data center in the cloud. The data center is a SAS 70 Type-II certified facility that is designated as “life critical” in the event of disaster.
  • As evidenced by our proposal for CTECH Managed IT Services, we provide complete and comprehensive solutions for the entire enterprise that deliver value, satisfaction, and a better overall IT experience.
  • We provide client referrals who will attest to our excellence.

Don’t wait any longer, reach out to Carl Fransen at CTECH today about how we can help you with all your IT support needs.

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“Carl is one of those amazing “go to” guys that’s has endless energy and drive. He’s a terrific listener and can explain things in layman’s terms so even the most non technical people can understand the problems he is addressing.

The passion he has for tech combined with his huge heart and incredible knowledge equal an amazing service provider that you’re lucky to have discovered.”

- Ashley Dunfield – Founder / CEO at PetroFeed
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