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Building Robust Technology Solutions

Calgary businesses lead others throughout Canada when it comes to making investments in technology. These companies realize that technology is a strategic asset and an important tool they need to increase profitability and grow their business. They know that a robust IT system will help them retain clients and obtain future ones with processes that improve client satisfaction. These successful businesses understand that a robust IT system is a requirement.

For over 10 years CTECH has provided Calgary businesses with professional IT solutions based on a philosophy of BUILD, SECURE, SUPPORT and GROW.


Businesses throughout the “Stampede City” understand how important it is to have a well-constructed IT System. CTECH provides this. Our Robust IT Systems:

  • Are custom-designed to meet your specific goals.
  • Keeps your staff engaged, trained and productive.
  • Communicate efficiently and securely with customers.
  • Ensure all your offices can communicate with ease.
  • Secure your electronic business information at all times.
  • Back up your information properly and recover files if a data disaster occurs.
  • Provide you immediate access to your electronic data and information when you need it to make sound business decisions.

When CTECH builds your robust IT system, you won’t be faced with unexpected bills and expenses. We’ll help you control your IT costs and develop a plan for upcoming expenses, taking into account presumed expiration dates for hardware and software.


You can trust CTECH to help build your company a robust IT system that’s secure, supported and grows with your company. Call us today at (403) 457-1478 or toll-free at (877) 455-1478 to schedule a Free IT Assessment for your business. You can also visit us on the Web at:

Success With Business in Calgary

“Carl and CTECH are amazing!  They’re always one step ahead of what we need so we’re never caught short!  Plus, other IT providers say they provide 24x7 support but they don’t.  CTECH does! They stand behind their word. Carl and CTECH are .. -Dr. Travis Cox – Acadia Wellness Centre- “They’re certainly responsive. If I call, I get an answer and hear from them right away. In terms of working with CTECH, they’re great to work with! They understand our company size and what we need, and our requirements as a growing compan.. -Jason Gillespe, Vice President, Ghostpine- “I have relied on Carl many times in the past to support our customers, and he has always come through for us! He is dependable, knows IT at all levels, and is able to build solutions that are solid and reliable. I do not hesitate to recomm.. -Mike Tanyi Partner – SEBO Systems Inc.- “Carl is one of those amazing "go to" guys that's has endless energy and drive. He's a terrific listener and can explain things in layman's terms so even the most non technical people can understand the problems he is addressing. The passio.. -Ashley Dunfield – Founder / CEO at PetroFeed-

Finance Your IT Needs

Do you think you need to take out a loan or find money in the budget to afford a new computer system? CTECH can offer you choices to turn a large capital expense into manageable operational expenses. We can provide your entire system for one set cost per month.  Did you know that we can give you a new desktop every three years?

Buying a system outright may mean the capital expenditure of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. A lot of times, it is difficult to budget for and may take opportunities away from other areas of your business. CTECH can now give your business the opportunity to purchase your complete system for one monthly fee. You have the ability to spread out the cost over the life of the system, freeing up capital and eliminating depreciation.

What happens when the life of the system is up? We will give your business NEW HARDWARE and SOFTWARE! Every three years, all of your staff will receive a new desktop, running the latest operating system. Every four years, you will receive new servers. If anything breaks, we fix/replace it at no extra cost to you – guaranteed.  All of this is easily manageable within your operational budget.

We Learn Your Business Needs

You want a team of IT professionals that you can you can trust to have the best interests of you, your employees and your business at heart. You want reliable, timely assistance and expert advice without having to pay a small fortune for them. To get all of that and more, you don’t have to look any further than CTECH. We offer Calgary area schools, property management companies, hotels and resorts tailored IT support solutions that they can count on to keep their businesses running smoothly. We can do the same for you.
Working with us, your business will get:

  • Technology experts. Learn how to improve your system by working with a CTECH specialist who knows the industry inside and out. We share our expertise with you and use our knowledge in the field to help you evaluate, prioritize and develop a plan that will work for you.
  • A well-connected IT team. We choose our Partners carefully. We’ve spent years developing excellent relationships in the industry in order to provide you with the best tools at the best price.
  • Reputable and trustworthy IT professionals. When it comes to IT, there are risks involved. You need to be able to trust your partners. CTECH has over a decade of experience and a loyal customer base. Our company is built on its reputation.
  • Excellent communicators. Simply put, we listen. We listen to what you do, what you need and how you want your technology to enable future growth. We will talk to you in plain English, and give you direct, honest feedback and expert advice.
  • Focus on you and your organization. Work with experts who take an active interest in your business operations, future goals, and current concerns.
  • Local. Your expert lives in your community and cares about the same things you do. Literally, we are here for you.

Are you in need of a trusted IT consultant in Calgary who takes the time to learn your business? CTECH invests the time to learn your business and works with you to make sure everything is covered.

Benefits For Business

Wouldn’t you want the best for your business?  CTECH is Calgary’s top IT services and support organization offering a fully outsourced solution for our clients, removing the day-to-day worry of IT systems from their worry list.
Why Use CTECH?
Reduce Downtime & Risk

Is your business troubled by constant downtime resulting in missed opportunities or leaving your customers wondering if they have selected the right company to do business with? CTECH will ensure your computer systems and IT networks remain operational resulting in an overall increase of company productivity, improved employee morale and higher customer satisfaction.

Increased Efficiency

CTECH provides Calgary business with best-of-breed technologies to keep your business running and out of “firefighting mode”. Running your business is what you do best, trust Cohn Consulting to do what we do best and let you make your business more profitable.

Lower Costs Related To I.T.

You can better control and manage your overall operating costs, which is of utmost importance for many business owners. CTECH will keep your systems running and performing at maximum efficiency, which ultimately affects the bottom line.

Build Strong and Healthy Business Relationship

When a client brings in CTECH as their qualified managed services provider, another surprise benefit comes in the form of our knowledge of each client’s business and what makes each of them unique in the market. While many managed services providers continuously focus on the technology and will recommend to your business solutions that are technically at par with many we offer, CTECH works hard to dive deeper. We put the extra effort into understanding how your business and your organization can maximize efficiency, productivity, profitability and credibility amongst your clients, customers, vendors and peers.

Additional Benefits Of Having Cohn As Your Trusted IT Advisor

  • CTECH has been in business providing IT support and services for almost 20 years. We have been providing managed services for the past 7 years.
  • We have better processes for managing IT. We have been acknowledged by our vendors and other manage services providers for the strength of our technical knowledge, our use of technology, and our automation of processes. We have received recognition from both our Professional Services Automation (PSA) vendor ConnectWise and our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) vendor Labtech.
  • We have been using both our PSA and RMM products since inception and have developed highly integrated solutions between them to provide for major efficiencies for managing our clients and automating processes.
  • Our technology is based in a top-tier data center in the cloud. The data center is a SAS 70 Type-II certified facility that is designated as “life critical” in the event of disaster.
  • As evidenced by our proposal for CTECH Managed IT Services, we provide complete and comprehensive solutions for the entire enterprise that deliver value, satisfaction, and a better overall IT experience.
  • We provide client referrals who will attest to our excellence.

Don’t wait any longer, reach out to Carl Fransen at CTECH today about how we can help you with all your IT support needs.