CTECH’s Secure IT

IT Security is a must for both large and small businesses in Calgary. The facts are alarming: According to IT experts, the number of Calgary businesses that reported security violations over the past three years increased by 52.5%!

Security threats are a real concern:

  • Websites can be compromised resulting in propagation of Malware and viruses that damage hardware and destroy data.
  • Networks can be breached resulting in lost and stolen private information.
  • Spam emails containing viruses can leave employees nonproductive for days at a time.
  • Email addresses and confidential information can be stolen affecting your company’s reputation and ability to obtain future business.
  • Data breaches make your company vulnerable to liability claims that can cost you thousands, or even millions of dollars.

Is your business secure and protected from these IT security threats?

Many people think that computer and network security is something you set with a software program and forget. Perhaps this was so in the past, but with professional hackers looking to make a profit from stolen data, this isn’t enough. These hackers and virus writers continuously work at ways to bypass corporate defenses. And with an increasing number of businesses in Calgary experiencing IT security attacks, it’s apparent that Calgary is a target region for hackers.

Don’t let your business become one of these statistics.

IT Security must be continuously monitored and adjusted; your business requires the best IT Security Firm located in Calgary that provides a full-service, 24/7-IT defense strategy.

CTECH Provides The Best IT Security for Businesses in Calgary

CTECH is the answer to securing and protecting your business. Securing your IT System and data is the core pillar of CTECH’s services. We keep your corporate information safe from hackers, viruses and Malware. You’ll rest well knowing that we’re protecting your data 24/7. And your clients can also be assured that their confidential data is safe in
your hands.

Contact us at (403) 457-1478 or toll-free at (877) 455-1478 for a no obligation review of your business’s IT Security.

Success With Business in Calgary

“Carl and CTECH are amazing!  They’re always one step ahead of what we need so we’re never caught short!  Plus, other IT providers say they provide 24x7 support but they don’t.  CTECH does! They stand behind their word. Carl and CTECH are .. -Dr. Travis Cox – Acadia Wellness Centre- “They’re certainly responsive. If I call, I get an answer and hear from them right away. In terms of working with CTECH, they’re great to work with! They understand our company size and what we need, and our requirements as a growing compan.. -Jason Gillespe, Vice President, Ghostpine- “I have relied on Carl many times in the past to support our customers, and he has always come through for us! He is dependable, knows IT at all levels, and is able to build solutions that are solid and reliable. I do not hesitate to recomm.. -Mike Tanyi Partner – SEBO Systems Inc.- “Carl is one of those amazing "go to" guys that's has endless energy and drive. He's a terrific listener and can explain things in layman's terms so even the most non technical people can understand the problems he is addressing. The passio.. -Ashley Dunfield – Founder / CEO at PetroFeed-

Keep Your Business Spam & Virus Free

E-mail is a mixed blessing. While it has transformed the way we work and communicate, it has its downsides. Spam, viruses and other harmful threats abound.
With CTECH you can minimize your risk and increase your peace of mind. You get these reliable, affordable software-as-a-service solutions, which are available individually or as part of a package:

Stop Email Spam. Stop 99.7% of Email Viruses.

Protect your business and users against email-borne threats before they reach your network, and prevent potentially damaging outbound emails with the help of our six anti-spam scanners and two anti-virus checkers.

Email Protection and Continuity

Keep your employees connected and productive. If your email server should ever become unavailable, your email will be stored and easily accessible in a secure location on the Internet.

Email Archiving

Store critical email data with no additional hardware required. Our email archiving offering provides robust message storage and retrieval capabilities and features an easy-to-use, Web-based administrative console that integrates with the Email and Web Protection solutions.

Web Protection

Safeguard your business and employees with a comprehensive Internet security solution. Our Web protection works outside the network perimeter to ward off spyware and viruses while giving you greater control over non-business-related Internet use.
CTECH is your Calgary IT security specialist. Work with us to ensure that your Calgary business network is secure. Call today to arrange a no-obligation review of your business’ security systems.

Safeguard All Your Important Data

Find Your Lost or Stolen Laptops
Precious time and money are lost anytime a laptop is lost or stolen. We can minimize your losses by helping you track down missing devices and control activity on them or wipe the hard drives clean before any critical information gets compromised.

Here is what you will be able to do:

  • Geo-locate laptops in real time no matter where an employee or thief goes. Every move is plotted on a map with the help of a super-reliable Wi-Fi signal.
  • Remotely delete files from the missing laptop. The standards for this are compatible with those of the United States Department of Defense and ensure complete destruction of all files.
  • Receive confirmation that files have been permanently deleted.
  • Remotely retrieve files from the missing laptop.
  • Monitor and control everything the thief does.
  • Lock down the stolen laptop.
  • Work with law enforcement to recover the stolen property

Prevent Data Theft
As much as we may wish it wasn’t so, some people are dishonest while others just don’t know any better. Either way, valuable company data can easily end up in the wrong hands unless you find a way to control their movements. The patented DataLock technology can help.

Ensure that your business is secure by having DataLock:

  • Prevent e-mail and webmail “leaks”
  • Enforce your security policies automatically by scanning outgoing content
  • Alert you to all policy violations
  • Prevent employees from copying data to USB devices
  • Scan all data at rest to determine where confidential data resides
  • Initiate scans on all new files on all PCs in your organization
  • See where policy-violating documents exist
  • Remotely delete documents
  • Bring your employees into compliance and eliminate risks

CTECH is your Calgary IT security specialist. Our team will work with you to ensure your Calgary business network is secure. Call today to arrange a no-obligation review of your business’ security systems.

Your Network Is Protected All The Time

Network security can cost your business so much more than just a dollar amount on a repair invoice if you ignore it.
CTECH Security Services are designed for maximum efficiency at a minimal cost. You won’t have to tax your existing system or purchase any new hardware. Spam emails and viruses can leave your employees unproductive for hours. Employees visiting non-business-related sites waste time and resources. Laptop and data theft can be hard to stop and track down. CTECH can solve all of these problems and you don’t have to worry anymore.

Desktop Virus and Malware Protection
A virus can strike at any time and be very costly to fix. We offer a completely self-managing anti-virus solution to deploy to all of your desktops and servers.

Email Virus and Spam Protection
Stop email viruses and spam before they reach your network with a multilayered filtering system.

Email Protection and Continuity
If your email server becomes unavailable, your email will be stored in a secure location on the Internet where you can access it whenever you need it.

Email Archiving
Store critical email data for up to seven years offsite. This solution includes power search and retrieval capabilities.

Lock Your Data on Your Network
Confidential information such as credit card numbers, client details, etc. can be safely copied or emailed. CTECH uses patented technology to block confidential data from leaving the organization via email, as email attachments or via USB devices such as flash memory sticks.

Find Lost or Stolen Laptops
It’s a fact; laptops get lost or stolen. Information on a lost or stolen laptop can end up in someone else’s hands and do a lot of damage. CTECH can geo-locate lost or stolen laptops in real time. Our patented technology allows you to remotely delete or retrieve files from the missing computer and monitor and control the thief’s every action.
Calgary businesses turn to us each day to ensure that their information is completely secure and safeguarded against threats. Speak with us today about how we can help you improve your IT security.