CTECH Gained Wealth of Information From IHS Gala Event in October

It was all about AccuMap at the IHS Customer Expo & Gala on October 17th in Calgary, and CTECH was right there in the thick of things gaining as much information as they could absorb.

One of the main focal points was all about making AccuMap faster, sleeker and more efficient. For more than 20 years, AccuMap has been enabling desktop access to numerous IHS databases. With that, users have been able to work through a play from discovery to production with the use of one application. Now, IHS let everyone that was attending know that AccuMap is even better after receiving feedback from customers on recommendations on how to make the product better.

With that feedback, AccuMap has new, improved functionality and usability. They have made a lot of changes to the look and feel of the application — including a new Ribbon bar instead of drop-down menus.

As we were taken through the presentation, CTECH was made aware of just how the ways for accomplishing things has been optimized.  Instead of having to travel through multiple windows, now the information is centrally located on one main screen.

With over 50 large and 400 small-to-medium E&P firms and roughly 75 service companies relying on AccuMap to make their oil and gas decisions, the improvements made will save you time and effort.

Do you want more information on AccuMap? Why not contact us today; you can rely on CTECH to be your trusted IT advisor with the right knowledge to help your Alberta Oil and Gas firm with all your technology and IT support needs.

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“The main thing that I like about the CTECH IT support team is they are so responsive. Whenever I get a bee in my bonnet about why are we having so many issues or anything like that, Carl is always right here to sit down and discuss it face-to-face and answer my concerns.”

- Lanny Meyer
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