Are you using Pinterest?

Online Marketing SupportPinterest is one of the newest social media sites that have managed to gain an immense popularity within a very short since its launch and now it is considered as a gem among all social media sites. This is an intuitive site that allows the users to upload and share images, videos or links that they find interesting on its virtual bulletin board. At present, the site has more than 10 million active users which is really impressive for any standalone website.  Such achievement and popularity has made Pinterest an ideal platform to promote business to millions of people throughout the world in a cost effective and innovative way.

Promoting businesses on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, the Big 3 social media sites has become the most standard practice now a day. Right next to them, Pinterest could be a potential contender in the business which can lead to higher referral traffics, quality leads as well better brand image what will lead to increased sales and profit. This is also a great way to get better exposure in the market through more shares on Facebook and Twitter as well.  All these could be achieved with less effort if Pinterest is used effectively and strategically. This could be a great way to uplift products and services through the use of compelling and engaging contents related to your business.  Companies like Ideeli along other market leaders have already gained higher profits after they started using Pinterest. According to officials from Ideeli, their web traffic increased by 446% and sales increased by 5 times when they incorporated Pinterest in their marketing strategy.

Another reason to promote your business on Pinterest is that it is very easy to use and it doesn’t take too long to create a strong presence on this site. You just need to publicize your Pinterest page on other sites, use lots of engaging or viral contents and develop catalogs of pin boards based on your products and services which will add more exposure, sales of your business.  You should also try to target and engage top users in the site who have highest pins related to your business. Using Google analytics and professional SEO experts could be also very helpful to promote your business on Pinterest.

Are you looking for new ways to promote your business online? Then call us today, as your local technology support experts we can put you in touch with some of the best online marketing people in the industry and get you on your way to becoming an online marketing genius.

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“Cleanmax began our association with CTECH approximately two years ago when we moved into larger office space and required a changeout of our server. Carl and Glenn planned out a server solution with our input and put it together in a very cost effective manner. It has worked without fail since and even survived a recent unexpected power outage during regular work hours. CTECH also looked after setting up the server room that makes our hardware safe from possible building flooding and other challenges. As well, a full backup system was installed allowing for economical offsite data backup and recovery. Carl and his staff are knowledgable, prompt, efficient and very easy to deal with. We certainly recommend them and look forward to work with them for a long period of time.”

- Cleanmax
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