Safeguard All Your Important Data

Find Your Lost or Stolen Laptops
Precious time and money are lost anytime a laptop is lost or stolen. We can minimize your losses by helping you track down missing devices and control activity on them or wipe the hard drives clean before any critical information gets compromised.

Here is what you will be able to do:

  • Geo-locate laptops in real time no matter where an employee or thief goes. Every move is plotted on a map with the help of a super-reliable Wi-Fi signal.
  • Remotely delete files from the missing laptop. The standards for this are compatible with those of the United States Department of Defense and ensure complete destruction of all files.
  • Receive confirmation that files have been permanently deleted.
  • Remotely retrieve files from the missing laptop.
  • Monitor and control everything the thief does.
  • Lock down the stolen laptop.
  • Work with law enforcement to recover the stolen property

Prevent Data Theft
As much as we may wish it wasn’t so, some people are dishonest while others just don’t know any better. Either way, valuable company data can easily end up in the wrong hands unless you find a way to control their movements. The patented DataLock technology can help.

Ensure that your business is secure by having DataLock:

  • Prevent e-mail and webmail “leaks”
  • Enforce your security policies automatically by scanning outgoing content
  • Alert you to all policy violations
  • Prevent employees from copying data to USB devices
  • Scan all data at rest to determine where confidential data resides
  • Initiate scans on all new files on all PCs in your organization
  • See where policy-violating documents exist
  • Remotely delete documents
  • Bring your employees into compliance and eliminate risks

CTECH is your Calgary IT security specialist. Our team will work with you to ensure your Calgary business network is secure. Call today to arrange a no-obligation review of your business’ security systems.

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