Trained staff means better productivity

It’s important to invest not only in your technology, but also in tech training for your employees to help ensure their success. In turn, they will reward you with loyalty, a better attitude and increased productivity. Studies show that companies that invest in training for their employees have a lower turnover rate. Employee training has been identified as a significant predictor of organizational success.

Companies that fail to invest in employees and their training have lower success rates and higher rates of failure. Employees who feel confident in their skills have higher morale and are more efficient.

Onsite/Remote One-to-One Training: Get customized, one-to-one training for users. We recommend this type of training for specific systems or topics. It is particularly effective for busy managers who can benefit from concentrated training in a short period of time.

Onsite Group Training: Group training is cost-effective and practical. Always customized to your group, this type of training can take place in your board room, at a company lunch-and-learn or any format you choose. Participants can learn from each other as they ask questions and interact with the facilitator.

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“They’re certainly responsive. If I call, I get an answer and hear from them right away. In terms of working with CTECH, they’re great to work with! They understand our company size and what we need, and our requirements as a growing company.”

- Jason Gillespe, Vice President, Ghostpine
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